Radio Show Topics

Good radio shows require great radio show topics! Here is a list of creative ideas for topics that you can discuss on your radio show:

News Topics

  • Real news, especially recent or breaking events
  • Funny or ridiculous news items
  • Recent articles from the newspaper, magazines, or online publications
  • Sports news — esp. local high school / university / professional teams

Entertainment Topics

  • Celebrity gossip
  • Recent events in TV shows or movies (don’t spoil the ending! well, unless it’s a reality show.)
  • New movies (again, no spoilers!)

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  • Sex & relationships (keep it clean!)
  • Health and fitness
  • Saving money and investing
  • Family and parenting
  • Technology and internet
  • Jobs and workplace issues
  • Beauty tips

Funny radio show topics

  • Ridiculous things that really happened to you or a friend
  • Internet memes (the Macarenas of today, the Harlem Shakes of tomorrow)
  • Childhood mistakes
  • Dating disasters
  • Music parodies

Controversial issues

Be careful with these! Being aggressively political can turn people off, if your show is not explicitly political.

  • The economy
  • Crime
  • Global warming
  • Education
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Poverty & inequality
  • Foreign policy
  • War
  • Religion

Local lifestyle

  • Food & restaurants
  • Events
  • Entertainment

Audience involvement

  • Trivia contests with listeners
  • Would you rather…?
  • Childhood/holiday memories
  • Hate mail to your show  😀


  • Interviews with recent newsmakers
  • Interviews with local politicians
  • Interviews with local professionals (doctors, therapists, lawyers)
  • Interviews with book authors (who are always hungry for publicity)

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